How to Glow

How to get the party started! 
Block Party candle holders make every day a party! They are best used to decorate your life unlit, but when they glow, they GLOW! Fire is HOT, so please be cautious when lighting your Block Party. We suggest glowing up temporarily to add short spurts of flare to any occasion.  

Light it up!
Place the tallest candles in the center row and light them first. Be sure to place your candles as straight as possible by pressing them into the holes.

We use a culinary torch to light the Block Party at our house, but you can use anything you want. If you don’t use a torch, you’ll need to ask for lots of help from adults! Be aware of placing candles near an air vent or fan. Candles can warp or drip excessively.

Keep your eye on the glow!
Please, please never leave lit candles unattended. Keep the kiddos and the fur babies away from your Block Party.

How we glow!
Candles come in many heights and colors. Fill your Block Party with standard taper candles for everyday occasions, parties, holidays or even to match your home décor. Ask us about custom candle combos. We are happy to help!

Create traditions with your family. Enjoy your Block Party. And Celebrate Best!

Show us how you Celebrate Best!
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